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    Doing repair work on a garage door if it has stopped working is not child’s play. It is a very difficult task which must not be attempted by untrained and unprofessional people as their lack of knowledge can complicate matters and turn a simple issue into a complex one. Thus, if you are in need of garage repair in Brookline then it is important that you call a professional garage door service like us.

    Here at Garage Door Repair Brookline MA we are the best providers of garage repair services in Brookline and have a highly skilled and professionally trained team of technicians at our disposal that has years of experience in fixing garage doors. We offer a wide range of quality services and customizable solutions for garage door issues and can ensure that you have your garage door working again as it is supposed to.




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    The garage door spring is always at the center of the action when the garage door is in operation. It has the responsibility to maintain the position of the door by either stretching when the door is closed or contracting when it is being lifted upwards. This constant stretching and contraction can have its toll on the spring and it can start to show signs of wear and tear. If this wear and tear continues then the spring starts losing its shape and becomes incapable of bearing the weight of the door. In some cases, the spring can snap as well causing the door to slam to the ground. Thus, it is important that you check the spring from time to time and call us immediately if you spot a problem with it.

    Our technicians can repair garage door spring in Brookline with consummate ease especially if the damage sustained by the spring is not that severe. However, if the spring is damaged beyond repair then our experts will see to it that it is replaced by a brand new one.

    Consistent use of anything can cause it to wear out and the same is true for garage door openers as well. If you use them without proper maintenance for a long period of time then they might become unresponsive. When encountered with such an issue, the first thing you must do is to check the batteries and replace them if you think that is what is causing the problem. You can try resetting the keypad as well to see if the problem gets resolved or not. However, if there is internal damage to the door opener then these repair attempts might not succeed and you will have to call in a professional repair service to get it working again.

    Our technicians can repair garage door opener in Brookline both safely and quickly. They are trained in handling these issues and can get your door opener responsive again in no time.

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